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350+ Cheesy Pick Up Lines That You Would Want to Use Straightaway

pick up lines for instagram

Are you looking for Cheesy pick up lines for girls and boys? I would suggest you end the search here.

If you have to compliments someone or attract someone, you use great pickup lines instead of simple compliments. However, do not forget cheesy pickup lines are attractive only if you know where to use which one. If you are not aware of the meaning of these lines thoroughly, there are chances that you will ruin everything. Some individuals are masters with cheesy pickup lines when it comes to stealing the show because they use them as per the situation. Also, have a great sense of humor.

Sometimes a pickup line is good to start a conversation if you feel nervous. Do now take stress with framing unique pickup lines. Have a look at the below cheesy pick up lines for girls and boys to end your struggle here.

funny pick up lines for instagram

Cheesy pick up lines for Everyone

  • I easily forget my no. can I have yours?
  • Babe! Walk slowly I don’t want you to fall for someone else.
  • Your arms look stronger! I know you won’t mind carrying me.
  • Is your name pizza? Because I’m craving for you.
  • Can I stare at you? My mom told me to focus on my future.
  • Are you a mathematician? Because you solve everything in my life.

pick up lines for girls

  • Do you own a Wi-Fi shop? Because I’m feeling connected to you.
  • Can I make a call? Just want to inform my mother I met the guy who seems to be perfect to be her son-in-law.
  • I wish you were a dog! So you would have been loyal at least.
  • How does it feel like to be the best man in the room?
  • Something is wrong with my mind, just can’t stop thinking about you.
  • I sleep because I can dream of you.
  • Are you Whiskey? You make my heart dance like anything.
  • Did you just smile? I suddenly felt the sunshine.
  • If being pretty was the crime you would be behind the bars!
  • Did you get any injuries when you fell from heaven?

cheesy pick up lines for instagram

Smooth Pick up Lines to steal their heart

  • We should go to the Bar, not behind the Bars!
  • You are the candle for me I can easily blow you away.
  • I’m not a saver but I want to keep you forever.
  • I’ll be needing the insurance to be with you because you keep giving me attacks.
  • Is your last name is forever? Because I wanna add that after our name.
  • Are you the Google map? Dude, I’m lost in your eyes and can’t get out of it.

pick up lines for boys

  • I think you should leave now! You are making everyone jealous.
  • I can steal your lip-gloss not the moment.
  • You are the peanut butter on my bread toast.

Best Pick up Lines for Flirting

  • Do you mind moving in with me? Because I’m looking for a permanent roommate.
  • I know we aren’t salt and pepper but I think we can make a great pair.
  • If you were a vegetable you would be the pumpkin.
  • Why your lips look dry? I can make them glossy.
  • Are you fine with your name? Or should I change it to mine?

pick up lines for instagram

  • Are you the fairy lights? Because you light up my world.
  • Do you have food? Then why I keep checking you out?
  • If I get dollars every time I stalk you on Instagram I would be the richest man alive.
  • My report says I need more vitamin you!
  • If I would have to choose between you and pizza for life! I would choose you.
  • You are the diamond everyone wants.
  • Do you like dry fruits? How about a date?

we hope you liked the above cheesy pick up lines and these lines will definitely work for you, we will shortly come up with more pick up lines for girls and boys.

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