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285+ Amazing Dark Pick Up Lines to Bring The Sexiness Back

dark pickup lines for instagram

Dark Pick up lines are for the modern ones and not for those who are obsolete. Dark Pick up lines are for the ones who always dare to do something different.  Most of the time, these are trending pick-up lines adopted by youngsters because they dare to express their feelings openly. If you know how to use them at different places, you would fascinate people and grab their attention quickly. These pick-up lines can be cheesy and sexy sometimes. The hilarious words involved in these lines will create a sensation among the listeners, readers, and followers about you, and the chances are that you become famous overnight.

Therefore, if you are courageous, have a good sense of humor, and knows how to create an aura of yourself, these dark pick lines are for you. Do not forget to read and use them on your Instagram Captions, Bios, and Reels.

Best Dark Pick Up Lines

  • Why don’t you date me? I’ll make you glow.
  • Well, it’s always about myself but won’t mind resting beside you.

dark pickup lines for instagram

  • Don’t roll your eyes over me better roll yourself on me.
  • You being the dessert of my dinner I avoid.
  • I wasn’t crazy but your looks make me crazy like hell.
  • You are such a trap! I got stuck at you.
  • If you were a coffee you would be Cappuccino Hot and Creamy.
  • Do you love shopping? There’s a sale for you in my heart.
  • I won’t mind spending a night with the most beautiful girl who is sitting beside me.

instagram dark pickup lines

  • Do you know stars shine only at night? Then how the one standing in front of me shines whole day and night.
  • You are that blanket I wanna hide inside.
  • Start loving me because liking is too mainstream.

Funny Dark Pick Up Lines

  • It’s hard to forget you! You give me that dark desperate vibes.
  • Why recharge your phone every time? Move-in and we will talk all day night.
  • I wish I was your baby! To suck you all day night.
  • I hate riding but if it’s you I would ride the whole day and night on you.

dark pickup lines for girls and guys

  • Can we use the washroom together and let’s see what we discover together.
  • I don’t like junk but you can be my momo.
  • Stare at me slowly and you will find yourself falling for me.

Smooth and Dark Pick Up Lines

  • Can you protect me? Because I hate using protection.
  • We have 25 alphabets and my favorite is you.
  • I don’t think of you! Because thinking of you gives me a boner.
  • I would love to be in your shoes! So I can be with you wherever you go.

dark pickup lines

  • You must be exhausted! Because you are dancing naked in my mind.
  • I don’t believe in love but I do believe in you.
  • Tell me how to control my lust for you?
  • You are my ice cream because I keep craving for you.
  • Can you come home? Because I want you as my dessert tonight.
  • I wish you were a TV remote! So I can switch it on whenever I wanted some entertainment.
  • I wish my dreams come true every day! Because you keep coming in my dreams.

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