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Home » 320+ Dirty Pick Up Lines to Learn Before Digging Into Dating Apps

320+ Dirty Pick Up Lines to Learn Before Digging Into Dating Apps

dirty funny pick up lines

Looking for Dirty Pick up Lines to impress someone? Well, your hunt is over! What is dirty? Nope, it’s not dirty it’s sexy in a unique way. Everyone wants to have charm on their partner by using pickup lines and to make it more fascinating they want to add some spice into this and everything is healthy when it has the spice be it health or love.

We have come up with some eye-dropping Dirty pick up lines for Instagram and other social channels which you can definitely use to leave the charm of your humor on someone.

These lines will leave the person amazed by your humor and intelligence. So don’t forget to use these care-free lines we have listed below.

Dirty pick up lines for him and her

  • Are you the rain? Because you make me wet!
  • Winters are coming! When are you gonna come?
  • I have the doughnut and looking for the sausage!

dirty funny pick up lines

  • Your heart is making me jealous because it’s pumping inside you not me.
  • It’s cold outside! Can I rest myself inside you?
  • We both love sleeping! We can do it together.
  • I will be together in all the ups and downs but will start from bed.
  • Turn on your Bluetooth! We shall connect the device.
  • I may not be the best-looking girl but can make you hard.
  • Do you like Oreo? I can fill the cream inside you.
  • I would love to have you in my breakfast! So that I’ll be charged up all day.

dirty pick up lines for him

  • Love! Don’t give me hard words give me hard bones.
  • Are you tired? Well, I can hold your B***S for you.

Dirty Pick up lines for Flirting

  • Babe, we should leave from here! Because you are making everyone hard.
  • Can I hide inside you? Because it’s too hard to hold.
  • Don’t go to the pool! I’ll make you wet.
  • You are the girl who can turn my software into hardware.

dirty pick up lines

  • Babe are you free? Or I’ll be charged tonight.
  • Do you like eggs? I can give you some.
  • Spread the legs for me, not the words.
  • Babe! If my D*** dies can I bury inside you?
  • Do you have skin problems? My cream can heal all your problems.
  • Are you working out? Well, I can help you burn more calories.
  • What’s your favorite no.? Because 69 seems to be perfect for us.
  • Your b**t looks like the cake! Would love to decorate with my cream?
  • I can make out that you are the gym freak! Can you show me your flexibility?
  • Are you a bodybuilder? Can you work on me tonight?

Pick up lines to leave them Awestruck

  • Why are you so slippery? Because my pants are falling for you.
  • Can you come home? Because I’m hungry tonight.

dirty pick up lines for her

  • You know what quit the gym! My bed is perfect for workouts.
  • You top the world! Be the top of me tonight.
  • I’m on diet! The only sweet I can eat is you.
  • Do you like bananas? You can eat mine?
  • Can we play the game tonight? If I’ll lose I’ll be down if you lose you will be up tonight.
  • I lost everything! Are you free tonight?
  • I like you chubby! So that I can cuddle all day.
  • Give me a kiss if you think I’m wrong and I’ll give you back if you are wrong.
  • Can you say F***k you? Yeah, please!
  • hey, do you believe in donations? can you give me some boner?

I’m sure these lines made you smile in a wild way! stay tuned for more fun stuff on our page because we will be uploading more soon.