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280+ Pick Up Lines for Flirting That Everyone Thinks are True & Genuine

instagram flirting pickup lines

Have a look at our Amazing Pick Up Lines for Flirting. thinking of using Pick up lines to flirt with your girl? Or words that will take your relationship to the next level with little toying? So check out the few lines below to make your relationship strong. Flirting, cuddling, seducing, and making your partner laugh all the time is part of a good relationship. A guy or girl should be clever enough to use these lines while flirting. Chance is that you will ruin the moment or put your partner’s mood off.

Many times guys use cheesy pickup lines to flirt with their girlfriend or wife, sometimes the girls get impressed, but sometimes they feel annoyed. If you do not want to put your girl’s mood off and wise versa, stop using tedious flirting lines and use our clever pick-up lines specially written for flirting.

pickup lines for flirts

Short Pick Up Lines for Flirting

  • Don’t miss me instead kiss me when I’m with you.
  • I never thought I will date someone but I saw you.
  • I don’t know how to keep things safe because never had anything precious like you.
  • You are pure as the bible and I can’t stop thinking about you.

pickup lines for flirting

  • Don’t wear a watch with me! Because I don’t want you to see the time when I’m with you.
  • Do you want a driver? Because you drive me crazy.
  • I will never make you cry! Because I can never come out from that sea.
  • You don’t like ice cream? Then why you scream when I’m inside you?
  • Darling! Do you want pancakes or me for the breakfast?
  • I would love to spend my entire life in the kitchen making food for you.
  • Don’t stare at me like this! This look makes me horny.

instagram flirting pickup lines

  • I should start sleeping in the bathtub now! Because your thoughts make me wet every night.
  • Do you know what is the Costliest thing I have? That’s you! And I cannot afford to lose you.

Smooth Pick Up Lines for Flirting

  • Tell me one thing which is closest to me but yet so far? You! Please grab me in your arms and never leave.
  • Do you like sweets? Then why you aren’t craving for me?
  • Do you know what’s the best remedy to keep yourself healthy is? Okay! I’ll teach you tonight. 😉
  • Do you read a lot of novels? Then how are you like a fairy tale and full of stories?
  • Keep smiling! Because that gives me happiness and strength.

pick up lines to flirt with girl

  • Be in a good mood and avoid the crap! Because your mood decides my Future.
  • Do you know what makes me laugh? Your cute texts!
  • Can you send me pictures of you every morning? Because my mother said I should pray in front of god in the morning.
  • Be yourself! Because that’s the way I like you.
  • So what do you do to survive? Aside from running in my head?

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