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260+ Best Pick Up Lines for Tinder Used by Dating Experts

pick up lines for tinder

Hey folks! Looking for some Jaw-dropping pick up lines for tinder? Well, you gotta try these personally tailored lines to suit all the different personalities. It’s all about the first impression and yes it works well if it starts well. When you have the chance to make it different then why not?  You have only one chance to leave an impression on them so why use the monotonous line and ruin the moment? Instead, leave the mark of your charm with these personally curated pickup lines on your tinder.

Stand above the crowd not in the crowd. It is so important to choose the stunning pick up lines for tinder because it’s just a one swipe chance and you have to be the star of the crowd to leave that mark on them. Don’t follow the crowd and use these Lines to leave the perfect impression on girls, boys, and everyone! Use the best pickup lines from our list instead of using repetitive words.

Pick up Lines for Guys

  • What will you do without me?
  • It was a random day like every boring weekday then your photo popped in my app and trust me it’s not a boring day anymore.
  • So pizza tonight?
  • I would love to wait outside your office to pick you up with the coffee today.

pick up lines for tinder

  • Old school guy with new trends.
  • Why don’t you call me tonight?
  • I wish to serve you pancakes and hot chocolate on a rainy day. Come home! 😉
  • Hey Beautiful! How did you land on this earth?
  • It’s all about the number game then why can’t we exchange the no.?
  • Do you like Panda? So I can be yours to cuddle the whole time.
  • Looking for a food buddy who can binge-watching and gives lots of cuddles.

Funny Pick up Lines for Tinder

  • Hook up? Babe hook me up!
  • Where you want me to take you this weekend?

flirty pick up lines

  • How can I surprise you this coming weekend?
  • First, tell me how can I impress you?
  • I got stuck on your profile, now tell me how can we take this further?
  • Coffee or Drunk night tomorrow?
  • I want you! So I can make everyone jealous?
  • Are you the reader? Then you will better read my heart.
  • Swipe right to see how I can make you fall for me.
  • Just text! Rest I know how to make you go crazy over me.
  • Try me or regret not going on trips together.

smooth pick up lines

  • So? Which club tonight?
  • Looking for some love? I have full of cupboards waiting for you.
  • Size cannot decide the vibes.
  • You decide to walk to the park or a long ride?
  • What’s your favorite plan for the weekend?
  • Tell me your favorite food so I can learn and earn your heart.
  • My room seems clean! Wanna mess tonight?
  • Be you! I like you anyway.

Smooth Pick Up Lines for Tinder

  • You are so pretty that I forgot why I’m here.
  • Your text gives me butterflies.
  • Damn! I would love to spend my entire earnings on you.
  • What would you give me out of 10?

corny pick up lines

  • Don’t stalk! Start the talk so we can start the planning and execution.
  • How about some adventure this coming weekend?
  • Even the god replies me then why can’t you?
  • At your service to make history!

We hope you liked the above Pickup lines for tinder, these are some of the lines you can use to break the eyes on dating sites like tinder but also you can choose some cheesy lines to impress someone in a cheesy way, have a look at our Cheesy pick up line page and if your imagination is wild and wanna use some wild thoughts to make the move, go ahead and check our Dirty pick up lines page.