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290+ Breathtaking Travel Captions to Write on Instagram Post

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If you are a travel enthusiast looking for the best Travel Captions for Instagram, you landed on the right page. We are passionate about traveling as well and writes numerous good travel captions continuously. Who does not like traveling? It is a meditation and a way to find happiness.

From mountains to beaches, adventure to relaxation, we have a good collection of captions for you to share on Instagram travel pictures and travel stories.

Have a look at the best travel Instagram captions below –

Beach Travel Captions for Instagram

  • “I belong to the beach”.
  • Fun stuff happens only at the beach.
  • The waves take my brain along!
  • I can work at the beach but not with the bitch.
  • Just another beach pic to make you jealous!
  • Happy times with tan lines
  • Need a shell life.

travel captions for instagram

  • Beach time, please!
  • Gossip with the wave.
  • We all need a Vitamin sea! Don’t we?
  • I’m not a shore that gets lost in the sea.
  • “I belong to the ocean’’
  • Happiness is sunshine on the beach.
  • Feel alive on the beach.
  • Life is better by the waves.
  • Salty hair but who cares?
  • The beach hour!
  • Mermaid out of water.
  • Tan fades but memories won’t

beach instagram captions

  • Just sunbath scenes!
  • Ocean baby.
  • Leave footprints on the beach not scars on the heart.
  • Star baby just like the starfish!

Mountain Captions for Instagram

  • Forever in love with the mountains
  • I belong to the Himalayas!
  • Treks are easy you just have to climb fast.
  • Fall in love with mountains don’t fall from mountains!

travel captions

  • Overcome the fears by climbing the mountains.
  • Another mountain pic popping in your insta feed!
  • I feel alive while on mountains.
  • Once you start loving the mountains, there’s no going back!
  • I’m bored! Need to climb another cliff.
  • It takes time to climb but the view is to die for.
  • Don’t underestimate the mountains they have healing powers.
  • Chase the mountains, not the guys!
  • Climb more and worry less.
  • Mountains are home to my dreams.

instagram travel captions

  • It’s not hard to climb the cliffs it just you have to change your attitude.
  • Mountain peaks are my destination.
  • I don’t need peak hours I belong to the mountain peak.
  • Once you climb the mountains you have a different level of overconfidence.
  • I love the road which leads to the Himalayas!
  • Hippie made for hills only.

travel captions

Amazing Road trips Captions for Instagram

  • “I feel alive on a road trip”
  • Road trips are meant to be adventurous!
  • The fun stuff happens on the road.
  • Road trips are beyond anything.
  • If it’s a road trip! Don’t ask for my permission just take me along.
  • Nothing can replace the feeling of road trips with friends.
  • If you don’t know where to go! Just follow the road.

instagram captions for travel

  • Roadless travel isn’t travel.
  • No roads are long with the loved ones.
  • Take the long route, please!
  • It’s not about the miles on the road trip it’s the moments.
  • Road trips that lead to mountains are my favorite.
  • On the road trips, you explore many!

Leading Solo Travel Captions for Instagram

  • I don’t need anybody to travel
  • You explore better traveling solo.
  • Travel more worry less!
  • I follow the roads which lead to heaven.
  • I need more mountains around.
  • Salty but Slaying!
  • I need beach around me not the bitch!
  • Traveling solo teaches you the best lessons of life.
  • I don’t need a partner to travel because I’m the journey within myself.

short instagram travel captions

Breathtaking Adventure Travel Captions for Instagram

  • Do more of an adventure than talking.
  • Don’t listen to others dive and see.
  • The adventure never comes with the comfort zone.
  • I need the adventure to get back on the life track!
  • The girl who is alive for the dive.
  • Girls are born for adventure.
  • Just take a dive and purify the soul.
  • No one will know until you go.
  • Life without adventure is full of regrets.

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