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340+ Best Wedding Captions That Everyone Would Love to Use

best wedding captions

Are you searching for Wedding Captions for yourself? Or searching for captions on weddings to dedicate someone close to you and getting married. In both the scenario, you need the Instagram captions for wedding because it is a special day for someone. So do not wait & look at our amazing collection of Wedding Captions below.

For your wedding, you send invites, do announcement on Instagram & other social channel about this day of your life but if you really want to do something creative, we suggest you to use captions with pictures. This is a best way to make everyone remember about your wedding. If its a special occasion so why use monotonous lines for the day. Instead show your love and affection towards your commitment in magical words. We have written wonderful lines specially to showcase your emotions & feelings.

In similar way, If  someone close to you getting married such as Sister, brother, or a friend? You do not need to use the so-called old word, it’s too boring to say Congratulations! You can add special touch by using these lines to show bond.

best wedding captions

Best Wedding Captions For Wedding Announcement

  • My dream wasn’t a fairytale wedding it was all about marrying you.
  • We will be together forever.
  • From today things have changed with Love and Trust I would love to call you my Husband.
  • Finally, we are married and your blessings will be the cherry on our cake.
  • The Journey of happily ever after begins today.
  • We choose each other to experience life adventures together.
  • Today we are excited to start our happily ever after together.
  • I’m excited about my journey to grow old with you.
  • See! Together we are Picture Perfect.

wedding captions for instagram

  • We have tied the knot to be together.
  • Today we promised each other to be together as a happily married couple.
  • He stole my food so I’m stealing his last name.
  • And we promised to be constant and refuse to leave each other till our last breath.
  • This is the beginning of Love.
  • Now I can say that I have found the shortcut to my happiness.
  • To give our best shot we tied the knot.
  • I’ve found my forever and am excited to be together.

wedding captions for announcement

  • Marriage is all about love, trust, and faith, and I see all in you.
  • I’m proud to be called your Mr. /Mrs.
  • We accepted each other’s madness and fantasies and decided to turn them into ours.
  • It wasn’t love at first sight but now it’s going to be love in every smile.
  • Finally, I can say that we are married.
  • I wanted to keep an eye on you so I decided to marry you.
  • A happy marriage is all about handling mood swings and cooking different meals.
  • Ladies! I’m proud to announce that he is my man forever.
  • Marriage is a journey, mine started with you and never gonna end without you.

Use these Wedding Captions to wish and bless your Best Friends

wedding captions for friends

  • We are glad you found your soul mate.
  • I’m sure you will surely become the coolest old couple.
  • The dear best friend you made me cry by giving me this happy news about your wedding I wish you good luck with your partner.
  • I’m so happy for your big day best friend and I wish you all the good luck and courage to start a new journey from Ms. to Mrs.
  • Congratulation to you best friend I hope your married life will be full of happiness and drama.
  • A warm wishes to you on your big day.
  • I’m gonna miss you but you have got your permanent roommate now so I’m at least happy about that.
  • You made me cry today but the big day is not remembered when there are no happy tears.

I hope you liked the above Wedding Captions.

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